Sunday, June 13, 2010

The solution:

I've come to dread reading/writing this blog. It's soo draggy and terrible. ("If I didn't know you," Annie said last night "I would think you were very dark and sad." Too true.) So I'm moving here. I may occasionally come back to Winterberry because, let's be honest, there's something super therapeutic about venting online, but hopefully those dark and sad posts will be few and far between. If I were you I would unsubscribe right now and save yourself the drama.

Thanks for following, it's been a party.




Genny said...

you are so funny. i'm excited to read your new blog. the colors are definitely more vibrant! haha. However, it was a good read. :) I continue to look forward to your new posts :)

k. double-u. said...

I'm all about being happy, but, as I'm a believer in opposition, I'll read both. Here's to balance in the universe.